The Wound Center at Olean General Hospital

The Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine at Olean General Hospital focuses on the evaluation and treatment of chronic wounds below the knee. In patients with chronic, non-healing wounds, there is frequently an underlying health problem preventing the wound from healing in a natural fashion, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, peripheral arterial and venous disease, emphysema, arthritis, cancer, or lifestyle conditions.

The Wound Center offers transcutaneous oxygen monitoring (tcp02) to measure the oxygen in the tissues immediately adjacent to the wound. This helps physicians understand if the wound has an adequate oxygen supply for healing to occur. If the oxygen levels are inadequate, the patient may be a candidate for hyperbaric oxygen treatment or require further examination to test for arterial blockage.

The center’s goal is to offer the highest level of wound care and overall patient service. The team strives to improve the patient’s health, lifestyle and quality of life. Several interventions can relieve the patient’s pain and prevent recurrences of chronic wounds through patient education and proper care of wounds below the knee.

As part of a patient’s treatment, he or she may undergo laboratory tests, x-rays or other diagnostic tests to help develop a comprehensive and individualized course of treatment. Once the wound is healed, a follow-up plan is also instituted to reduce the risks of recurrence. The treatment philosophy is not only to heal the wound but to also produce a healthier patient who is able to return to a productive lifestyle.

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